copyright Birthe HavmøllerStillness. Triptych (2020) by Birthe Havmølller
Triptychs and inner landscapes
Birthe Havmøller: I am pleased to present a part of a growing series of 30+ panoramas – triptychs and “duos” on this art project website. The panoramas are a sub-section of the bigger series of artworks titled, ‘Nature hidden in plain sight’.

I have chosen the triptych format for my panoramas, hoping to inspire the viewer to look at the spiritual dimensions of Nature and the landscape, to spend time with my (inner) landscapes. The works are visual poems. Forget about where the photo was taken and instead, go directly into the experience of Nature’s organic shapes and structures, and Nature’s ability to to soothe individuals looking for peace, tranquility and other finer dimensions.

copyright Birthe Havmøller
Ormen. Triptych (2020) af Birthe Havmøller