Fyret. Copyright Birthe Havmøller

Nature hidden in plain sight – more images

copyright Birthe Havmøller
Inner landscape: the archive (2021) from the series ‘Nature hidden in plain sight’ by Birthe Havmøller


Birthe Havmøller: I am pleased to present images from a growing body of works, ‘Nature hidden in plain sight’/’Naturen som vi ser eller overser’ with 70+ images. The images are presented as “clusters” to be hung asymetrically on the walls of an exhibition space. However, the way I have grouped the images – Cirkel, Vand, Båden, Frost, Krat og Skoven – it is only tentative clusters, as the online page format is somewhat rigid. And new images (such as the one below) may push my photography in a new direction.

copyright Birthe Havmøller
Self-portrait with untitled image (2022) by Birthe Havmøller