Nature Hidden in plain sight [Project Description]

Copyright Birthe Havmøller
2018. The artist’s studio: a cluster of works.

Title: Nature hidden in plain sight (Naturen som vi ser eller overser)
Art project status: work in progress

About the Art Project
The art project’s title Nature hidden in plain sight is an umbrella term for a variety of works – triptychs, single images and clusters of images. The visual story of exhibition projects is about the harmony of Nature, the Chaos of the World and the artist’s inner spiritual landscapes.

Birthe Havmøller works with nature’s sculptural qualities in her classic B&W photography. This should be seen as a continuation of her personal work with integrating a mystic’s field of consciousness and symbolism into her creative practice.

The artist has also worked with the beach as an intersection between sea and land, the subconscious vs. everyday awareness.

The artist sees the landscape as an extension of her body, a kind of external memory. Nature is a great magic mirror that reflects her inner landscapes. She works intuitively, searching for a spirituality that is closely related to nature.

Copyright Birthe Havmøller
2017. Printing error; rejected triptych prints from Nature hidden in plain sight.

February 2019. Only a handful of titles are set in stone. The artist reserves the right to change the titles of the works at her own sweet time. The place in which a photo was taken is listed in the title lists, as most Danish viewers will ask, Where is this?  when looking at a landscape photograph. However, the name of the location is of little or no importance to the visual narative of the art project.