Artist’s Logbook

A work in progress – Diary of the Artist

Birthe Havmøller’s art project ‘Nature hidden in plain sight’ has been created over a long period of time. Over the period 2012 to 2017, the artist has digitized some of her negatives to integrate these images into this project. In 2015, she received a grant for the purchase of an Epson printer and has since then worked to refine her visual language. All works are printed as inkjet prints on cotton paper.

February 2019. Note about the online archive: Only a handful of titles are set in stone. The artist reserves the right to change the titles of the works in her own sweet time. The place in which a photo was taken is listed in the title lists even though, the name of the location is of little or no importance to the visual narrative of the art project.

August 2020. The annual excursion: Ærø.

September 2020. The website was updated.

June 2021. The annual excursion: Vejlefjorden and Nordfyn.

August 2021. Excursion: Hjarnø.

November 2021. Seven works from this series were exhibited in the artist’s living room at the 18th anniversary of, the artist’s queer feminist art blog.

December 2021. The website has been updated with a new minimalist format.

[Image right: 2021. New prints drying in the conservatory]

May 2022. The sketch for the artist’s book is taking shape. It’s an interesting but difficult puzzle.