About the Artist
Danish visual artist Birthe Havmøller, KKArt, has been working with the classic B&W photography since the end of the 1980s. The landscape is an extension of the artist’s body, a kind of external memory, which she comes in contact with during her quiet walks in the landscape. Nature is a great magic mirror that reflects the artist’s inner landscapes. Birthe’s photography is a quest for a spirituality and a connection with Nature, and this turns her photographic exploration of Nature into pilgrimages.

Nature hidden in plain sight
This site presents Nature hidden in plain sight, an art project which consists of a series of triptychs (three-fold panoramas) and some clusters of photographs with nature as motifs. The project is a continuation of the artist’s analogue photography project Land Art (1998-2003) which focused on the landscape’s sculptural elements. Nature hidden in plain sight features a wide range of themes and includes both new digital images and digitized negatives from the artist’s archive.